Sensitive information is generated throughout the day at any office. People and businesses understand the importance of protecting sensitive information. Documents and records must be completely shred in order to secure the fact that the information was properly destroyed.


AAA NAID Certified

This is the bar that has been set by the industry. NAID certified companies have rigorous specific guidelines, which they are required to follow in order to maintain their certification. This certification is much more than a piece of paper showing that the company has passed a few easy tests. It portrays that the company has a passion and understanding of information management and is certified in destroying your company’s document shredding. NAID certified companies are not just a paper shredding company. They go above and beyond to ensure the documents are destroyed and handled properly. The standards have been set for the document destruction industry and it is your responsibility to make sure your shredding provider is NAID certified.

Random Audits

NAID certified members are subject to random audits, in which a NAID agent shows up to a facility unannounced to observe protocol and make sure the company is remaining compliant. This keeps the NAID certified member compliant and makes sure they are taking every step to ensure they are following the procedures.


Breaches have the potential of making headline news and can ruin a company’s image. It is the owner’s responsibility to take the necessary precaution to ensure the confidential information generated by the business is properly handled and destroyed. In a world where breaches are being broadcasted regularly and the rules and regulations regarding the destruction of sensitive information is at our fingertips, it is a company’s due diligence to hire a NAID certified company and be proactive rather than reactive.

Citadel Information Management

Citadel owners Paul Swenson and Donna Cooper were founding members of NAID and have been NAID certified since 2005. Citadel goes above and beyond when handling documents and records that need to be shredded. Our secure and heavily monitored facility safely recycles the shredded paper and pulverizes the documents making it impossible for any confidential information to be viewed.