Residential Shredding

Identity thieves know how you dispose of documents and know where to look. They are more than aware that households generate a great deal of paper with personal information on it.  Everyone should think twice before throwing out their mail or cleaning out the old files they have in their basements.

Dumpster Divers

Identity thieves aren’t afraid of getting dirty (literally). More and more accounts of “dumpster divers” are being recorded each year as people improperly dispose of their sensitive information. These “divers” are plunging into any trash they feel they can get personal information out of, whether it’s shredded or not ans using it to steal identities and personal information. 

Residential Shreddingshredded_paper

People tend to just box up and store old files and papers. These boxes take up home storage space and simply get in the way over time and serve no use, besides being good fire starters! But, if you like s’mores as much as I do, I can see why they might come in handy! The most logical approach when storing old records, is to only hold on to them for as long as the retention period is required. As soon as you can legally dispose of them, do it. Holding on to old personal information can be a major liability down the road and can cause a great deal of problems if not disposed of properly. That is why residential shredding is such a serious issue that does’t get the recognition it deserves.

Take the Initiative

Call a shredding service provider near you today. Get those boxes cleared out of your basement or attic and make sure all of your private records are destroyed and disposed of properly. Boxes of old records tend to sit in dark unused spaces and gather dust, but why have all that information sitting there for others to possibly get their hands on one day? Take a step back and think of it logically…isn’t it about time you free up some space and clean up? Let Citadel help you with that. Our residential shredding is known throughout Chicago and the suburbs as one of the most friendly and efficient customer service providers. 



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