Businesses small and large aren’t the only targets for dumpster divers. Local residents attain and accumulate a great deal of confidential information. Breaches can occur to anyone who is not shredding sensitive information properly. Mail and other paper material in your house can carry confidential information on it that could be the direct result of identity theft.id_theft_2_pic


If you have confidential documents and old mail piling up around you, Citadel Information Management is your number one source for secure destruction.  Citadel Information Management is a AAA NAID certified establishment, which follows the strictest of guidelines in regards to personal security.

With millions of residents across the United States being victims of identity theft it is no wonder why local residents are turning to NAID certified companies to handle the shredding of their documents and other sensitive information bearing media.

Our trade association, NAID, the National Association for Information Destruction, promotes a standard of ethics to be followed when it comes to handling and destroying personal information. NAID has specific rules and regulations for the proper destruction of information. With numerous laws including heavy fines and repercussions, compliance has become an obligation, and it is no wonder why the procedure and protocol of a NAID certified company is so extensive. Being AAA NAID certified Citadel is bound to incorporate the standards mandated by NAID for our process of destruction.

If you are uncertain about leaving such documents with us for shredding, be assured that all employees of Citadel have passed extensive background, criminal, credit and driving checks – Confidentiality agreements and nondisclosure agreements have also been signed.  Strict training and safety procedures act as the platform for personal security.

Citadel’s document destruction process is a safe and secure way to dispose of any and all sensitive information.  All paper will be destroyed by a shredding machine that will shred to 5/8” cut – A mandate through NAID, and then recycled at a paper-mill.  All paper documents sent to the paper mill will have the ink taken out and then made into paper pulp to be turned into recycled items.  This process allows Citadel to issue Certificates of Destruction ensuring you that all materials were destroyed beyond recognition.

Local residents are encouraged to bring any and all materials that have confidential information for shredding.

Let Citadel provide peace of mind and a safe way to destroy documents that contain any personal information.  Keep your identity and credit safe from those who prey on bank account and credit card numbers to your very own social security number.

Call us today for more information from one of our friendly staff to help keep you safe!