Have you ever wondered what happens to old employee uniforms, company badges, excess promotional products, prototypes, and other items that bear company logos and/or personal information? If items like these aren’t disposed of properly, your company’s security can be at risk.

Product Destruction Image-Fotolia-1-10-18.jpgSimply discarding your products is often not enough. Discarding your products in the regular garbage implies that the items are not valuable to you or your business; therefore your ownership or right to them is no longer valid. Professionally destroying the products is the most secure way to keep your private property, private.

Defective and expired products expose your company to significant liability risk if they’re not properly destroyed. This includes recalled products and off-spec products. Your company could be liable if defective products land in the wrong hands and cause a problem.

So… once companies have identified a need to destroy a product, the next question is who to trust for the job? 

Certified product destruction is a process where products are destroyed and properly disposed of, and the process is authenticated in order to ensure that the product is not being resold or utilized illegally. Once destruction is completed, certificates of destruction are issued for compliance purposes. Seeing this “chain of custody” protects your brand and provides you with peace of mind.

It is extremely important to protect your business and your brand by utilizing a professional product destruction company (LINK: www.citadelim.com), instead of attempting to destroy products in-house. There is a risk that the items won’t be completely destroyed and may still end up in the wrong hands, or that the destruction process might be unsafe, and put employees in danger when doing this in-house.



THE BOTTOM LINE: Not just documents, products too can put your company at risk!