No company is safe. Information is being compromised at an alarming rate and companies are trying to keep it under wraps. According to ABC News, it took nearly a month for victims to be notified by the US postal service about their data breach. Not to mention, about 100 servers and their workstations were compromised directly affecting 2.9 million customer (Date).

People Associate the United States with a sense of trust and security, so when an incident like this happens it really puts things into perspective and can terrify a lot of people. Information is a valuable thing and should be treated as such. This means taking the necessary precautions to avoid these types of incidents. It is always better to be Proactive rather than Reactive.

Proactive > Reactive

Needless to say, the USPS wishes they would have done their due diligence and taken the necessary precautions to ensure that this data breach could not and would not happen. Unfortunately, they must now deal with the repercussions of the event and are now held liable for what has happened.

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